Immaculate Conception

Where do concepts come from? When illustrators start with a blank page, and by the end of the day there’s art – what happens in between? There is a lot of hard work, head and ass busting, and somewhere along the way a little bit of magic happens. In this workshop on conceptual illustration, we will try to find ways to make this magic appear. Working from real-life briefs, we will work on different ways to generate ideas, develop them into sketches and finally into powerful conceptual illustrations that fit the brief but are also very you. During the entire process there will be one-on one, personal coaching as well as group critiques. There will be time to discuss any questions you might have regarding your work, your career or our beautiful profession in general.

Required material:
Please bring material for sketching and everything you need to make an illustration from start to finish (any medium you feel comfortable with, but preferably less time consuming techniques as the goal is to crank out a few final pieces). For one-on-one portfolio review, have samples of your work ready (can be viewed digitally).
Required skills:
Beginner to advanced illustrations skills, but you should have some experience creating illustrations from start to finish. Intermediate English proficiency: the course will be conducted in English, and there may be some reading materials/discussions involved.

Maximum number of participants: 12
Age limits: none
Course language: English

4 day Illustration Workshop
Immaculate Conception
June 6–9, 2019
EUR 600,–
Includes: workshop fee, lunch, soft drinks, coffee/tea, and snacks during breaks

Contact for further information
T. +43 1 535 67 62


Aad Goudappel lives and works in Rotterdam (The Netherlands) as a freelance illustrator. He translates complex ideas and abstract themes into clear and powerful images. Aad creates illustrations that at first glance seem very simple. His distinctive style is characterized by the use of flat areas of color and the complete absence of lines. On closer look the mildly alienating images often contain multiple intellectual or emotional layers. This approach leads to works that are both timeless and contemporary. Aad graduated from the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam (The Netherlands), and in addition followed courses at Camberwell College of Art in London (UK) and the Art Institute in Boston (USA). He is commissioned by clients worldwide in virtually any field of his profession: editorial, institutional, book and corporate. His work received acknowledgement by the world leading competitions including medals from the Society of illustrators, 3x3, The World Illustration Award, The Art Directors Club and Red Dot.


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