Aad Goudappel /
Immaculate Conception
4 Day Illustration Masterclass
June 6–9, 2019 

Where do concepts come from? When illustrators start with a blank page and by the end of the day there’s art – what happens in between? There is a lot of hard work, head and ass busting, and somewhere along the way a little bit of magic happens. In this workshop on conceptual illustration, we will try to find ways to make this magic appear. Working from real-life briefs, we will work on different ways to generate ideas, develop them into sketches and finally into powerful conceptual illustrations that fit the brief but are also very YOU. During the entire process there will be one-on one, personal coaching as well as group critiques. There will be time to discuss any questions you might have regarding your work, your career or our beautiful profession in general.

Jonathan Ball (Pokedstudio) /
Vector Characters
4 Day Illustration Masterclass
June 21–23, 2019 

Time to delve into the world of vector characters! Vector art has an important role in the design industry, as it can be scaled up or down finally without losing detail. In this workshop, you will explore how to create vector characters with depth and form. We will look at ways of creating fun characters from simple geometric forms, using either Affinity Designer or Adobe Illustrator (or both). 


James Yang /
Finding The Essence of Ideas
May 16–19, 2019 

The importance of finding the root of an idea is the topic of this masterclass with illustrator James Yang. He will show you how to free your mind from the anxiety of creating ideas, and give you strategies on how to find unique solutions to illustrate even complex concepts. You will work on an assignment based on a real life project, and you will also learn how to turn thumbnails into sketches and great final illustration. After this workshop you will have a method which helps you to painlessly come up with visuals for any topic, by finding the essence of ideas.

Coming back in September 2022!

SooJin Buzelli & Chris Buzelli /
Start To Finish – Start to Publish
4 Day Illustration Masterclass
July 23–26, 2018  

In this contemporary illustration course with a concentration on the professional illustration market you will work with an Art Director and an illustrator from the publishing world.
Main topics are: how to make your images speak, how to illustrate visual concepts, and how to get from idea to concept to final.
This workshop is designed to help develop your professional aspirations while focusing on your illustration skills as well.
You will be given a real assignment to illustrate for PLANSPONSOR and/or PLANADVISER magazines—of course, with possibility of getting published and paid. Then you will be taken through the steps of a professional illustration assignment from initial email, budgets, to signing contracts, then concept to preliminary drawing, and finally to a full-scale final. Get the behind-the-scenes info on best practices for: How to contact and create a professional working relationship with an AD as well as everything from e-mail etiquette to invoicing tips. The workshop will also include presentations by SooJin and Christopher Buzelli (Art Direction and Illustration, AD pet peeves), discussions, and demo of Christopher´s oil painting/illustration process including technical information on pigments, palettes, mediums, and his unique quick-drying oil painting method.


Marc Burckhardt/
Finding Your Voice
3 Day Illustration Masterclass
July 20–22, 2018 

With so many talented artists in the competitive illustration world, one of the crucial tasks for every illustrator is to develop a distinctive style, and to make their work recognisable und unique. In this 3 day workshop, you will be focusing on the development of your own visual language; with assignments taken from concept to final art. You will be guided through the process of creation––from sketching ideas, interpreting the underlying message visually, to completing the final illustration. Individual critiques, group discussions, and one on one portfolio review will be included, and for those who are interested, a painting demo will also be given.


Yuko Shimizu /
Good Ideas Make Great Illustration
4 Day Illustration Masterclass
July 16–19, 2018 

What is that thin line that divides into “that's a pretty good illustration“ and “wow, that's amazing“? Simple answer: great illustrations are always based on good ideas. 
You have been wanting to make a leap into the latter side? Welcome to this course. We will work together on your idea skills, using various exercises – some simple, some not so simple, so you can flex your idea-brain, and ultimately make that leap into “wow that's great!“.
We also aim to finish at least one illustration from start to finish during the workshop. Let's have fun for four days together!