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the lightning bug and the lightning

In this masterclass with JAVIER JAÉN you will work with tools and resources to stimulate the creative process. The workshop consists of short and fun practical and theoretical exercises, there will be discussions around topics such as the semantics of objects, particular concepts of semiotics, abstract concepts, words, expressive values of the image, analysis and synthesis, composition, signs, meanings, etc.


3 Day Design Masterclass
May 16–18, 2024
Vienna, Austria

Skill level: open for everyone.
Recommended for designers, illustrators, ADs, photographers, architects; creative professionals as well as students
Course language: English

Max. number of participants: 13

required material

· Pencil and/or black marker
· Between 10 and 20 small objects found, can be anything: screws, marbles, pieces of cloth, candies, brushes, plugs, wires, diamonds.
· Materials and tools you usually work and feel most comfortable with, whatever they are


Regular ticket: EUR 750,– (SOLD OUT)

EUR 375,– (-50% OFF)

Ticket price includes: 
Workshop fee (incl. 20% VAT tax),
soft drinks, coffee/tea, small snacks during coffee breaks

Please contact us for special deals (agencies, groups, early bird or last minute tickets)!


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JAVIER JAÉN (Barcelona, 1983) studied graphic design and fine arts in Barcelona, New York and Budapest. His professional activities focus on editorial illustration, book covers, advertising, cultural communication and self initiated projects. 

He has worked for the New York Times, The New Yorker, the Washington Post, Time, Harvard University, National Geographic, Greenpeace, Penguin Random House, Vueling Airlines, UNESCO, Camper, Netflix, Louis Vuitton, MIT, Microsoft or Pedro Almodóvar among others. He has taught at Istituto Europeo di Design, IDEP, and frequently runs workshops and lectures worldwide. His work has been honored numerous times, most recently with the Feroz Awards (2022) and the Award of Excellence in Illustration by the Society for News Design (2022). He has participated in exhibitions in New York, London, El Salvador, Seoul, Rome or Ciudad de México. He also has two sports awards and a lifetime achievement honor as a comedian, but he didn't win them, he only designed the trophies. Don't let him fool you. He published a retrospective of his work exactly 30 years after his first tooth fell out. These two events are probably not connected at all. He has still not written a child, planted a book, or given birth to a tree. Everything is waiting to be done.



» I keep looking for exciting ways to explain stories, my own or others, and for new languages that are as stimulating for me as for everyone else. I make John Baldessari’s mantra ›I will not make any more boring art‹ my own. Everyday i doubt more. I think certainties lead nowhere. Or maybe they do. I have no idea. «